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Black Delkron FXR 6 Speed Transmission Complete D4020-I6B


This 6 speed transmission is the latest in torque multiplication technology and in fact the strongest and most reliable import transmission available. Features an improved shift system over the stock 5 Speed. The shift drum is not a cast part but a CNC produced precision part. The drum fork pin grooves have a more exact shifts, the plunger/compression spring detent system has been upgraded with a late style roller/torsion spring for smoother shifts, and the dynamic load rating of the shift drum bearings has been increased 100% for improved radial loading characteristics. The gears are as wide as in your stock 5 Speed transmission with an added beefy. 6th gear for the main shaft and a one-piece 6th gear/counter shaft unit. All of this for uncompromised torque capacity and strength. Gears are machined from Ultra Strong 20ChMnT High stress gear steel. This steel has superior strength over any other gear steel used in the aftermarket. Gears and shafts are tempered and stress released. This is the best price vs strength 6 speed out there. Shipped ready to install.

NOTE: May require the use of a recalibration unit.

NOTE : Shipping price is for lower 48. If ordered outside US you maybe billed for extra shipping cost.

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