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Cam Chain Tensioner Pad Kit

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The Test



The test vehicle was a 2001 DYNA with 13,000 miles on the original OEM cam chain tensioners. We ran another 13,000 miles on the our tensioners to duplicate the miles and conditions. Motorcycle was run on full chassis dyno. Engine temperature range was from 230 degrees to 250 degrees at the base of the "V". Cylinder Head temperature ranged from 320 degrees to 350 degrees at spark plug area.



The test was run with H-D 360 20w50 conventional (non-synthetic) oil. We ran the Harley Maintenance schedule of oil changes at 5000 miles.



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Our chain tensioner pads exceeded the OEM tensioner pad utilizing a high performance Polymide-Stanyl that surpasses all other plastics in high pressure-velocity (PV) situations for timing chain tensioners.



It simply withstands the demanding conditions for a longer period of time. The Cyco tensioner pads have lower creep and lower fatigue especially at high temperatures and/or load (PV) conditions, exceeding all othe engineered plastics. PA46 has the lowest coefficient friction of all other Polymide based materials when lubricated with engine oil. Our tensioner pad gives you the best wear and fatigue performance-substantially longer than the common commercial materials currently used (OEM). This is extremely important when chain slap starts causing pitting wear.






There are motors with 2000 miles on them with two broken or worn tensioners. Some motors with 75K on them have virtually no wear whatsoever on the tensioners. The way you ride or what oil you use doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with wear on the tensioners.

One possibility could be on how the cam chain itself is worn. The pitch on the cam gears can vary from bike to bike or more so cam to cam. When the gear pitch varies the cam chain will wear prematurely and can cause the chain to develop burns and cause the chain to stiffen up. This can eat into the oem soft phenolic cam chain tensioner shoes like a chain saw. Replacing the cam chain if you experience any wear on the tensioner itself definetly helps



Another thing you should do is inspect the oil pump for scratches on the return side of the pump, because once you have any wear on the internal engine components the oil pump on the Twin Cams can really suffer. Remember the Harley motors are really dry sump motors like what racecars have. The oil is held in a remote location, and if the pump gets worn or has any scratches in the return side, the motor will retain oil and cause rapid power loss. It is recommend checking the cam chain tensioners every 10,000 miles.


The shoe is a replacement of your OEM pad. Must use your spring and frame.


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